Bradley E. Essman, Esq.

Bradley E. Essman, Esq.

With the educational foundation of a Davidson College undergraduate degree (BA – Humanities/Philosophy); University of Miami (JD – Jurisprudence Doctor) and finally a post-doctorate, Legal Laureate Masters (LL.M) in “Real Property Development and Finance”; the focus on life-long learning is clear. While building his own law practice, Dr. Essman managed to continue his business education with a securities license in Futures (Series 6 & 64); Health, Life and Annuities; Real Estate Sales and eventually, a Real Estate Brokers license, in addition to NC and FL Bar licenses.

From the oldest law firm in NC to the FL State Attorney’s Special Prosecutions Unit for “Economic and White Collar Crimes”, the professional credentials built upon the academic accomplishments. With diverse legal and business experience in various start-ups as Founder/General Counsel, a compelling passion to build and support business innovators was born. Experience with business incubators and project funding led to Private international Trusts as well as Public funding and Mergers & Acquisitions, culminating in an Invitation to participate in the MD International Incubator (MI2) in Washington, DC. He is experienced in Litigation and Transactions; Domestic and International; Private and Public financing; Consulting & Compliance within the technological processes and data analytics of the rapidly evolving banking and financing arena, as expressed through the shifting Dodd-Frank legislation and its Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; and various International Trade development projects.

Bringing all this experience into the development of any promising enterprise or expansion can herald a new dawn for the simple legal and business needs of a broad swath of clients and customers by providing generalized individual and business services focused upon client development and assistance, one client at a time, one issue at a time, and one positive outcome at a time.

As a family man, father of 5 girls — from 22 to an infant — and as an avid sailor, Bradley loves to connect with people where they live and work so that the effort to be helpful is clear and long-lasting. So, whether the individual who needs legal help has been wronged by a business interest or an actual physical injury, auto accident, slip and fall or other serious bodily injury; dedicated attention is the promise Mr. Essman brings to every situation and every person helped.

Currently, Mr. Essman practices personal injury law for Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group.


Bradley E. Essman

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